A Fun Science Adventure: Elephant Toothpaste and Amazing Light Experiments!

Get ready for an exciting science adventure! Recently, the 4th ESO students organized a cool Science event for us, the K5 students. We had a blast making “Elephant Toothpaste” and saw mind-blowing light experiments in the school gym.

We started with a super fun experiment called “Elephant Toothpaste.” The 4th ESO students mixed special ingredients, and guess what happened? It created a huge foamy explosion that looked like toothpaste for elephants! We were amazed by the colors and bubbles. It made us love science even more!

Next, we went to the gym and saw some really cool light experiments. It was like magic!

Our science adventure with the 4th ESO students was a blast! We had so much fun with the Elephant Toothpaste and the amazing light experiments. They made us curious and excited about science. We’re grateful to the 4th ESO students for showing us how cool science can be. We can’t wait for more experiments and discoveries in the future!