La brúixola

La setmana passada, les llunes vam seguir aprenent coses noves sobre el món.
Vam descobrir què era una brúixola i com funcionava i vam aprendre els 4 punts cardinals: Nord, sud, est i oest.

ZOOPLANKTON PROJECT:Hatching Brine Shrimp Eggs

This week we’ve prepared a salt solution and we’ve put two table spoons of brine shrimp cysts into it.
Brine shrimps are also called artemias or sea monkeys.

The eggs should hatch in 48-72 hours. Constant aeration is also needed.
We will keep you updated about our babies!


This week we are meeting the 4th graders in the computer room.
They’ve created games with Scratch about polar bears and their habitat in their ICT class.
Today we’ve had our first get together. We’ve had a lot of fun and we’ve learnt a lot. Polar bears eat seals, factories pollute the air and the ice is melting!


The “botijo”is one of the most interesting bottles or jars ever seen. It’s made of porous clay with the intention of holding and cooling water. Its best claim to fame is that it keeps the water cool under really hot conditions and even better, it never changes the water flavour.
Botijos are ecological and you do not need fridges to cool the water and you can also reduce the plastic waste.
Our carbon footprint is being reduced too.
“Botijos” are an important part of our Polar Bear project 2016/2017!
We’ve started to learn how to drink which is quite challenging and we’ve had so much fun.

Cançó astronauta

Les llunes, aprofitant el projecte de l’espai, hem après una cançó que parla d’un nen que vol ser astronauta. Mireu mireu… Segur que us agradarà!