Exploring Science and Rainbows with Smarties and Water in K3

Have you ever wondered how colors mix and move? In K3, we recently conducted a science experiment that involved Smarties and water, and we were thrilled with the results. Our aim was to observe how the colours in the Smarties faded and migrated, forming a beautiful rainbow of hues.

To conduct the experiment, we placed Smarties in a circular pattern on a white plate and added a few drops of water. As the water spread, the colors on the Smarties started to dissolve and mix. We observed how the water changed colour as it picked up the pigments from the Smarties, and how the colours migrated from the Smarties to the surrounding water.

We were amazed by how the colors blended and created new shades, just like a rainbow. We even remembered the names of the colors as we watched them dissolve and mix. It was so much fun to see the different colours emerge and change over time.

This experiment was not only entertaining, but it also helped us understand the science behind color mixing and migration. It was a great way to explore science and learn something new while having fun.