Durant les últimes setmanes els alumnes de 3EP hem creat una obra de teatre per participar al concurs internacional POLAR BEARS INTERNATIONAL. Han col·laborat amb nosaltres EI-5, 1EP i 2EP i ens ho hem passat molt bé!
L’obra es titula OCEAN “Rap” sody i tracta d’uns óssos polars que decideixen demanar ajuda als humans a causa de la seva situació de perill. Meduses, artèmies i ocells seran els encarregats de fer arribar el missatge als humans.
Però, arribarà el missatge? Esperem que us agradi!


The “botijo”is one of the most interesting bottles or jars ever seen. It’s made of porous clay with the intention of holding and cooling water. Its best claim to fame is that it keeps the water cool under really hot conditions and even better, it never changes the water flavour.
Botijos are ecological and you do not need fridges to cool the water and you can also reduce the plastic waste.
Our carbon footprint is being reduced too.
“Botijos” are an important part of our Polar Bear project 2016/2017!
We’ve started to learn how to drink which is quite challenging and we’ve had so much fun.

Amazing Science: How to make soap from recycled oil

Today we’ve made soap from recycled oil! This laboratory experiment is part of our Polar Bear Project.
Students from the 1st year of A levels have shown us how to make soap.
This is their recipe:
250 g of recycled oil
250 ml H2O
5 g salt
35 g caustic soda
some drops of lavender water

It has been so amazing!
Look at the pictures.


Today the teams Eco Scientists 1&2 have determined different characteristics of our vegetable gardens in K4 and Grade 4 such as temperature, soil moisture, acidity or pH –level.

Also, they have started to record the size of the plants and their leaves to determine the expected growth and they’ve had a look at our Californian worms and how the vermicomposting is going.


Today in our Science class we have studied that Polar bears live in the Arctic, in the circumpolar north and in areas where they can hunt seals. Penguins live on the opposite pole. Penguins and polar bears are destined never to meet!

It finally happened!

We have been working on the International Polar Bear Project for several months and today in our Science class we’ve received our certificates of participation, stickers, posters and the award!
It finally happened and we are so proud!


Daina-Isard has made a symbolic adoption of a Polar Bear through Polar Bears International Organisation. This will have a lasting effect on protecting and conserving polar bears and their arctic habitat.

Polar Bears International is the world’s leading polar bear conservation group – dedicated to saving polar bears by saving their sea ice habitat. Their focus is on research, education, and action. Thanks to the generosity of their supporters, they are steadily making progress towards their goal of saving polar bears and the sea ice on which they depend by reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.