Today in our Science class we’ve chopped up some apples and grabbed toothpicks. What could we make? 3D or 2D shapes, a dome, a tower, an animal?
Building apple structures combines design, engineering, and fine motor skills!
We’ve had a lot of fun. Have a look at the outcome!

Amazing Science: How to make soap from recycled oil

Today we’ve made soap from recycled oil! This laboratory experiment is part of our Polar Bear Project.
Students from the 1st year of A levels have shown us how to make soap.
This is their recipe:
250 g of recycled oil
250 ml H2O
5 g salt
35 g caustic soda
some drops of lavender water

It has been so amazing!
Look at the pictures.


This term we’ve been learning and practising English through the story THE BALLOON. We’ve had a lot of fun and here are some pictures of some of the activities we’ve been doing.

It’s story time: FATHER CHRISTMAS

Today we’ve watched the story FATHER CHRISTMAS by Raymond Briggs.
We’ve joined Father Christmas getting ready for his busiest day of the year, Christmas Eve preparing
his Christmas deliveries, feeding his reindeer and finally taking flight into the snowy night.

Concave & convex in Science

In Science K4 we investigated spoons. They are like mirrors. The front of the spoon is concave and the back is convex.
We drew ourselves upside down looking at the front of the spoon. Have a look at the pics!


In K5 Science we have built a balloon rocket. We’ve had so much fun! Here are the instructions:
-Thread one end of the string through the straw
-Tie each end of the string between two solid supports such as a chair, table leg or door knob, making sure it is strung tightly.
-Blow up the balloon but do not tie it.
-Holding the opening of the balloon closed with your fingers, tape one side of the balloon to the straw so that it hangs horizontally below the string.
-Get ready for launch and let the end of the balloon go. Watch as the air escapes and sends your balloon rocketing across the string track!

IT’S STORY TIME: Diary of a Wombat

Today in our Story time class we’ve listened to the story DIARY OF A WOMBAT.
We’ve learnt that a wombat is an Australian animal that looks like a little bear, but smaller. Its favourite pastimes are digging holes, eating and sleeping.
But where exactly is Australia? We’had a look at the globe!