Message in a bottle & Sea change Project

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A message in a bottle has arrived today! The bottle will be among us during one week!

We are participating in a nationwide event called MENSAJE EN UNA BOTELLA to raise eco awareness. (

In Science K4 and K5 we are making our own jellyfish out of plastic bottles during next week.

But what exactly is this project about?

You can find more info here:

During September, October, and November 2017 different bottles of recycled material will travel around Spain with an interesting story inside and a big challenge related to ocean issues. This big challenge can be reached by carrying out smaller challenges that will be available on the event website. The different bottles’ routes will start in different points of Spain, specifically in aquariums that will receive these bottles with a parchment inside. The first participants will pick up the bottles at these points, starting each of the routes across Spain.

The aim is to raise awareness that our actions (both in coastal areas and inland areas) affect the marine environment.

In July we went to the beach to meet two divers from the L’Aquarium of Barcelona and together we recorded this short video, please have a look!